Wrendale Home Fragrance

The Wrendale Home Fragrance Collection has a wonderful selection of Wrendale Candles & Diffusers produced by Wax Lyrical. Each come in three beautiful fragrances; Hedgerow, Woodland, and Meadow.

The Wrendale Wax Lyrical Diffuser comes in a ceramic vessel, which can be refilled with a Wrendale Diffuser Refill or can be used a small vase after it's life as a diffuser. 

The Wrendale Trinket Candle is and after the candle has been spent in can be used has a Covered Sugar Dish.

The Wax Lyrical Candle Gift Set contains two vessels, which can then be used as Egg Cups.

The Wrendale Candle Jar has a wooden lid, so after the wax has been spent the ceramic vessel can be used as a storage jar. 

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