Living Nature Dachshund Sausage Dog Soft Toy


The perfect gift for a lively and playful child, the Dachshund plush dog toy (also known as a Sausage Dog!) provides countless hours of imaginative play.

This plush toy animal has been made with high-quality fabrics and realistic detailing. He is ready for adoption today.

The Dachshund was bred to be the perfect badger, rabbit and fox catcher. Their long bodies and short, stubby legs meant that they could effortlessly crawl into burrows. Now they’re used as show dogs and make the perfect family pets. They’re very loyal dogs who love cuddling up to you after a long day of playing. Because of their long bodies, they’ve got a surprisingly loud bark. And they LOVE to use it! They’re very brave dogs so if they ever think you need help, you’ll hear their bark before you’ll see them running to the rescue.  

Fast Fact 

Dachshunds were also bred for hunting prairie dogs and tracking deer. 



Believe it or not.. 

The oldest Dachshund to live was Scolly, who was 20 years and 33 days old. 


Care Instructions

Hand wash only, do not machine wash or tumble dry

Size - Height: 19cm, Length 28cm, Width 12cm

Materials - Acrylic

Batteries Required (Included) - Non replaceable

Suitable from birth