Living Nature Large Barn Owl Plush Soft Toy


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Living Nature Large Barn Owl Plush Soft Toy

This high quality and realistically detailed Barn Owl plush toy makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who is interested in these nocturnal countryside birds.

This super cuddly Living Nature Owl is perfect for owl lovers of all ages!

Barn Owls have distinctive grey, brown and white feathers which are super soft. Their feathers aren’t very waterproof though, and get absolutely soaked when it’s raining. That’s probably why these birds hide out in barns. They’re quite small animals, standing at around 39cm tall. Their wingspan is over double that at 95cm, the same arm-span as a child!  


Care Instructions

Hand wash only, do not machine wash or tumble dry

Size:    Height: 25cm

Materials:     Acrylic

Naturli Eco Friendly?      Yes

Suitable for all ages