Sassy Shop Wax

All Sassy Shop Wax products are hand made in Bristol, UK. They use bio-degradable glitter, recyclable packaging, unique fragrance oils and a special blend of soy and mineral wax exclusive to Sassy Shop.

Sassy Shop Wax Melts

At Hothouse Worcester we on only sell the XL 70g pots, which hold 6 segments of wax offering over 72 hours of burn time in recyclable clamshell packaging. 1 segment recommended per use.

Sassy Shop Bath Whipped Soap

Gently cleanse from your hands to your toes with Sassy Shop air-whipped soaps for a soft,
indulgent foaming texture and a heady perfume that stays with you all day.

Sassy Shop Fragrance Oils

 Little 10ml bottles of concentrated Sassy fragrance perfect for use electric aroma diffusers and car vent clips. A few drops are all you need.

Sassy Shop Electric Wax Warmers

Melt Sassy wax with an electric warmer. Fill your chosen space with fragrance, not flame, smoke, or soot. Sassy Shop warmers add a simple sophistication to any space.

Sassy Shop Tealight Wax Warmer

Available in two colours to fit every design, these warmers let you enjoy the exceptional fragrances of Wax Melts warmed by an Unscented Tea Light Candle.

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