Dora Designs Patchwork Hare Doorstop


Patchwork Hare

Patchwork Collection – Doorstop

Elegant and handsome Patchwork Hare Doorstop will be ready at hand to help stop your door banging shut. Just the right weight to keep your door open and in place this product is everything practical and stylish.

Designed and created using a collection of exquisite fabrics this super cute bunny is made up of a wonderful selection of purple and pink!

Woven and floral printed fabrics make up the Hare’s body with a touch of purple velveteen to add a luxurious feel.

Ears are very important to a Hare. They allow them to listen out for any danger, so it was important we made them a very special feature. Framed with wire the fabric covered ears can be manipulated allowing one Hare to have a different expression to the next.

A very sweet but colourful country inspired creature, the perfect doorstop and the perfect gift!


Product Type Doorstops
Animal Hare / Rabbit
Size Height 29cm
Pattern Patchwork
Fabric Polyester Mix
Filling Polyfibre Filling and Quartz Sand
Collection The Patchwork Collection
Weight 1.30 kg