Dora Designs Spangle English Springer Spaniel Dog Doorstop


An energetic and eager-to-please breed, here we have brought an English Springer Spaniel to life as Spangle, an extremely useful yet attractive doorstop.

Spangle has the colourings of the English Springer, having a brown herringbone and light beige wool mix fabrics for his coat.

He sports the floppy, dangly ears and waggy tail and is sitting poised and ready to hold open your door until repositioned. Spangle will prevent the door from swinging shut as he watches over your room.

As a practical home accessory, Spangle is also a lovely looking boy with embroidery detailing and a black velveteen nose.

He will make a popular companion for any dog-lover.


Animal Dog
Product Type Doorstops
Size Height 29cm
Pattern Herringbone
Filling Polyfibre Filling and Quartz Sand
Collection The Pedigree Collection
Fabric Wool Mix
Weight 1.30 kg