Seedball - Hedgehog Highway


Hedgehog Highway

NEW for 2022.

We’re so excited to launch our hedgehog highway – attach to a fence (or any other barrier in your garden) and cut a corridor for hedgehogs to move between gardens.

Seedball - Hedgehog Highway  We’ve lost more than a third of our native hedgehog population in the last 50 years due to habitat loss and fragmentation. Hedgehogs need our help! A single garden is definitely too small for a hedgehog’s survival, and so creating wildlife corridors between gardens is a super way to help. Adult hogs can roam as far as 3km a night, especially in search of a mate.

The steel frame (be careful it’s a little spiky!), creates a 13x13cm corridor once cut through, and requires an adult to set up. Full instructions are included with the highway. Please note that the steel will naturally age and rust with exposure to the elements over time.

If you’re keen to further improve your garden hedgehog’s habitat, for an extra £6.99 you can add our Hedgehog Mix wildflower seed tin – wildflowers provide important shelter and attract food for hedgehogs. Our mix includes Yellow Rattle, Wild Carrot, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Tufted Vetch, Self Heal and Poppy.